Group Personal Accident Insurance

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Group Personal Accident - A Must-Have For Employers

Group personal accident is an insurance policy that covers the expenses associated with accidents. It is a perfect option for employees to get protection against unexpected mishaps that may take place while they are working.

It also provides financial support to the dependents of a person in case of death or permanent disability caused due to an accident. It is a must-have for all employers as it gives them a chance to make their workforce feel safe and secure, which will ultimately increase employee morale and productivity.

How Important is Accident Insurance?
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The policy provides compensation in the event of accidental death and partial or total loss of limbs, eyesight, hearing, speech, and a heart attack. It covers expenses such as hospitalization, ambulance charges, and transportation of mortal remains.

It also covers other medical expenses related to an accident such as fractures, burns, and internal injuries. It even offers a lump sum amount in the event of a severe head injury that results in permanent total or partial disability.

Besides, it also covers daily allowance in the event of an accident that prevents you from going to work. In addition to this, the insurance company will pay for funeral expenses, and it can also cover the cost of the family's accommodation if the accident takes place at home or in any other part of the country.

Apart from these benefits, this policy covers the costs of any legal expenses that may occur because of an accident at workplace. Moreover, it covers compensation claims that might result from an accident that happens while travelling to and from work, on business trips, or during sporting events.

Buying a group accident policy is easy, especially if you choose a reputable insurance provider that is well-known in the market. Several companies provide quotes for various policies that offer similar benefits and you can easily compare the premiums to find a suitable one that suits your budget.

Accidents can happen anywhere and anytime. This can result in medical expenses, compensation payments and lost wages. Providing group accident insurance coverage can help reduce these costs and minimize disruptions for your people and your organization.

Chubb's group accident insurance solutions include 24/7 worldwide protection. These plans can be customized to fit the requisites, needs and wants of your employees and can be integrated with other risk management measures such as training, conducting safety audits, and providing safety equipment.

Providing your employees with group personal accident coverage is an important investment in their overall well-being and shows that you care about them.

It can also boost morale, loyalty and commitment to the organization. By implementing a robust risk management strategy, you can reduce the number of accidents and the financial burden that results from them.

This will help you protect your most valuable asset - your people. For more information, please contact us for a consultation. Our experts will be happy to help you assess your current risk management program and provide recommendations for improvement. S
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Group Personal Accident - A Must-Have For Employers

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Group personal accident is an insurance policy that covers the expenses associated with accidents. It is a perfect option for employees to get protection against unexpected mishaps that may take place while they are working.

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